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Celestial Mason Jars

Celestial Masons: The Carina

Celestial Masons: The Carina

Welcome to my Celestial Masons series! This jar was inspired by the Carina Nebula, which you can read more about here. If you're a fellow dreamer who wonders about the happenings occurring millions of light-years away, you will enjoy having this keepsake in your home.

About the jars: Each jar is lovingly spray-painted and then sprayed with a matte finish. More Celestial Masons to come!

Suggestions: Light a candle and put it inside; watch it and dream. Use it as a vase or conversation piece or in any way you choose.
None are in stock right now, but I'm currently creating some custom-made pieces, and I'll have more for sale once I finish those. Stay tuned!