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Celestial Mason Jars

Celestial Masons: The Pillars of Creation

Celestial Masons: The Pillars of Creation

Welcome to my Celestial Masons series! This little beauty was inspired by the Pillars of Creation, part of the Eagle Nebula, which you can read more about here. If you're a fellow dreamer who wonders about the happenings occurring millions of light-years away, you will enjoy having this keepsake in your home.

About the jars: Each jar is lovingly spray-painted and then sprayed with a matte finish. More Celestial Masons to come!

Suggestions: Light a candle and put it inside; watch it and dream. Use it as a vase or conversation piece or in any way you choose.


None are in stock right now, but I'm currently creating some custom-made pieces, and I'll have more for sale once I finish those.