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2015-2017 Works

Angles I

Angles I (currently unframed*)
18" x 24"
acrylic paint, pastels, and charcoal on canvas
Shipping not included

* Note that this painting is currently unframed; however, if you'd like to purchase it with a frame,
please email me to let me know. I can easily and am happy to frame it.

Artist Notes:

2017 was a heavy year for personal reasons, and although it wasn’t my most prolific year, it was the period during which I discovered my love of simple shapes – parallelograms, triangles, and rectangles, specifically. One evening that spring, I created Angles I and Angles II, both of which differed significantly from any of my previous work and in which I began using distinct figures to both figuratively and literally cut through and away from the softer lines of previous paintings. I also fell in love with pastel sticks that year, an affection I carried through into other paintings that followed.